Monday, July 28, 2014

Fisher Price Little People Spooky House

I didn't even know that this existed until the moment I saw it sitting on the yard sale table. It was marked "Halloween" so I naturally was curious, and now, I'm kind of in love! For those of you who are frequent readers you know my love for all things cute and Halloween. This is kind of an epitome of that, and it's nearly too cute!

I purchased the set for $12. I had no money in my pocket, and my husband and I were on our way to walk our dog in the park when we had stopped. We went to get out of the car at the park and he told me "I know you're still thinking about it, why don't you just take the car, go get some cash and buy it, I'll walk the dog, and you can join me when you're done".

I love that man! I went back and snatched it up right out from under the nose of another potential buyer. 

It wasn't until we got back in the car after walking the dog that I realized it makes noises! When you pull the ghost out of the chimney, or ring the door bell and it makes Halloween-ie sounds!

I searched E-bay and it turns out these things go for like $36! I got a screaming deal, because mine came with 6 little people and a little hay wagon too!

When you roll the wagon wheels, this black kitty rises up and down.

This little ghost pops up too - if you push his lid down, he goes down.

Having picked up this set and not fully knowing what was in it - I was happy to find this little lady, who pretty much looks like me. Right down to the Candy corn earrings and pumpkin broach.

It was a good pick up for me, I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it, but I love it! I also would love to see if I can't paint the BRIGHT colors more Halloween colors!


  1. (not sure what happened to my original comment)

    I never knew this existed either. Looks like a great way to get new little fans of Halloween interested. Enjoy it!

  2. So Sugary cute I can hardly stand it - :) Thanks Joe!