Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Those Neighbors

Happy October 1st Everyone!

Welcome back to another year of Spooky-Scary! 

I am thrilled that you've checked in on me over the past few months, but beware I'm gearing up for a Month-o-Halloweenness! (Is that a word?)

So, I decided that on the Eve of turning October that my front porch was overdue for the Halloween overhaul. So, this being our first Halloween in the house I went all out! We used to just have a porch on the back of our apartment, so the Ghost lights were the only outside decorations we really had. This year we added a strand of Orange lights, a pumpkin (might have to add to that...) a strand of pumpkin lights and a strand of spider lights. I'm totally expecting my electric bill to go up this month!

And... With that, we became "Those" neighbors.

The people who used to live at this house are good friends of ours who barley put out a strand of lights for Christmas let alone decorate for any other holiday, it just wansn't their thing. I am SO opposite that it might be a bit of a shock to my neighbors. I fully expect a few of the... "So, you like Halloween do you?" type of conversations.

Oh well! I welcome it... and I welcome you, to see my decorations (which haven't been pulled out in 2 years). I am SO excited to share it all with you!!!

Happy Halloween Month Everyone!!!


  1. Nothing wrong with being "that neighbor", in fact those neighbors are usually the coolest!

  2. Thanks Shawn... I think so too :)

  3. I like being 'that neighbor'! Much better than being 'that boring neighbor'.

    And that's how my daughter directed her new "boy interest" to our house - look for the cemetery!