Saturday, October 27, 2012

Dirt Dessert

dirt dessert cups!
This is one of my favorite desserts to make for Halloween. I know it's not as spooky as some of the other desserts, but it's so darn tasty!

I use a very simple recipe for it, I don't even make my own pudding!

Here's what you need.
- Small plastic cups (or whatever dish you'd like to put them in)
- Cozy Shack Chocolate pudding
- Oreos (double or single stuf)
- Gummy worms (optional - they really don't enhance the flavor)
- Spray whip cream
A few tools that are handy...
- A food processor

Grind up the entire package of Oreo's in your food processor and put them in one bowl.
Then, Take your pudding and empty the entire contents into another bowl, add the whip cream to the pudding and stir till it's completely combined.
Add a few scoops (to taste) of the ground Oreo's to the pudding.

Layer in a cup pudding, and Oreo's until you get the look above.

Add a few gummy worms on top and Voila!

You can also bury a few worms in there for a spooky surprise!

Enjoy! Tasty !

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