Monday, October 15, 2012

Halloween Photography

I write several other blogs, and if you follow or read any of them, you know that my other passion in life is photography. There are photos in this world that just make my heart sing. This is one of them.
Photo Credit : Karen Russell - Snapshots of a Good Life
The shot is just so perfect, you can see their costumes, and their trick or treat buckets... *Swoon!!!* 

But mostly why I posted this picture is because I have to give snaps to the photographer herself. Her name is Karen Russell located in Oregon. These are her beautiful children, and she is one of the most talented "everyday" photographers I know. I follow her blog on a regular basis, and this time of year I am just about ready to explode from all the cute Halloween-ness! She goes to this amazing part of her town to take her kids trick-or-treating and her photos are to die for! 

Thank you Karen for such an amazing view of Halloween! 
See the rest of her photos here...

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