Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My Childhood Costumes...

As a kid I thought these costumes were the coolest thing ever - and thank you Reis from Lair of the Dork Horde for bringing back a million memories with his 31 days of Vintage Halloween costumes - Check it out!
 My husband had Darth Vader, and Heman, and my costumes were Far less menacing than that! I had Big Bird and Cookie Monster, and I wore them, pretty much every other year until they didn't fit anymore.
 We lived on a farm, so going to town and purchasing costumes wasn't usually in the cards due to finances, or time. So I often made my own costumes, it was a pretty special treat to have not only one but TWO store bought costumes. I think I'll forever love these things, and oh man do I wish I still had them!
And or trick or treat buckets? not pillow cases - the buckets from McDonalds! They were so awesome, and yes, I'm looking for them on ebay currently, I would love to own them again!

 Let's just say that my Big Bird and Cookie Monster costumes are a far cry from what passes as a costume for them now, I don't think I'll be choosing this option this Halloween!
But I'll save my rant on slutty costumes for a later post!

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  1. I was a clown and a hobo and stuff as a kid. Don't remember what my store bought costumes were. Want to say The Six-Million Dollar Man, but can't recall. :)