Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pumpkin Carving!

 Normally this post is like 5-8 days ago, but I've been so crazy busy with work, Relay for life and "Other" in my life that we just got around to carving our pumpkins last night. It's pretty sad that they'll only be shining bright on our porch for three days, but better three than zero. I am glad that my pumpkins won't have time to turn into mush though, that's my least favorite part.

I can't ever imagine not buying real pumpkins the whole "Funkin" phase terrifies me. My Mom had one, but it was after we all moved out and she didn't want to carve pumpkins by herself! Still, probably never going to buy one.

That being said... here's the shots from our night, we had 4 pumpkins! We always do one for ourselves, and then one for each of our furry kids. Our puppy Aquaman LOVES carving pumpkins! He loves to lick them!

 He makes me laugh, he seriously cannot get enough of it.

 Here's our other furry one who HATES the pumpkin carving thing... mostly she just wants to be left alone.

 For the kids!
 The one I carved!

 The one my Husband Carved!
 All of our Pumpkins!

 Happy Halloween!

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