Thursday, November 1, 2012

My Halloween Staples

 I have one shelf in my house that is 100% Halloween year round. These are my "staples" so to speak, things I just can't bare to put away at the end of a season.
 This "Kickass Kutie" is Lisa Petrucci's "Lil' Miss Monster" She is adoreable - and you can get your own HERE!

 This is my line up of Minimate Universal Monsters - Wolfman, Bride of Frankenstein, Mummy, Dr. Frankenstein, Villager, Dracula, Sarcophagus, and Frankenstein.

 My Monster Mash CD, which has several "Spooky" songs on it - but most importantly Monster Mash!
 My classy witch - given to me by my Cousin Jackie!
 My Dear Dracula and Sketch Monster Books - which I LOVE! (Complete with Vinny Navarrete original Sketches)
 Ghost Girl Books - Essential!
 Magic Trixie Trio and Scary Godmother Tales - Jill Thompson MUST HAVE! (all signed by author)

 Complete collection of Poe
 My new favorite Zombie addition by Scott Campbell (he signed it!)
 100 Classic Casper Comics!
 Back log of Halloween Magazines!
 A "Tradition" book I picked up for $3
 Charlie Brown complete with Costume (with too many holes) and his bag of rocks!

 Picked up this book at a thrift store for $1. Love it.

 Patrick the Wolf Boy - Love both of these - Love Baltazar too!
And a Dracula Pop-Up book... 

Oh Halloween - thank you for being for me year round when I need someone to lean on and scare me!


  1. AWESOME collection!!! Now we have to wait another 11 months for October to roll around again!

  2. awh thanks - it's equal parts nerdy and Halloweenie!
    I'm already starting my countdown for next year!