Wednesday, January 23, 2013

"SO... I have an Idea... Let's Go to Michaels and..."

So... I have this Idea... And all good / bad things in my world start out with that phrase.

My dear Husband nearly cringes when he hears me mutter the words " I need to go to Michaels / Joanns" or insert any craft store name (Hobby Lobby, Lowes..). I have to think that he'll get used to it, we've only been married 5 years.

The other day I was browsing on Pinterest - No judgement I'm not the type of girl who builds her "Wedding that could have been" on Pinterest. I found HUNDREDS of Halloween Ideas. Like most things I find on Pinterest, I check out the blog/site that it came from, poke around and decide if I like the site, then I think about it for a few days, mull it over, and then take action. And then, my project turns out 150% different than the one I initially saw.

These are the two that I really have my eye on... (again, Disclaimer, Mine will look NOTHING like this because I'm not THAT talented)

 This is making your own haunted house out of one of the pink plastic doll houses. I LOVE that idea! I have the little Lemax Spooky houses, but this one would be so much more fun! And then, to paint the little characters that come with it in Halloween costumes ... My Oh My! The 10 year old little girl in me is totally excited about this idea! So, now I hunt, for the perfect Doll house... and I'm picky.
And this idea? I think is one of the few reasons I'd consider buying a Fake Pumpkin. Isn't it cool!?!?! The lighting and keeping the props in proportional size are going to be the toughest parts of this, but It's okay I've got an in at the Hobby Town USA by my house - these guys KNOW about paints and lighting!

Kudos to the REAL artists that came up with these projects - Genius! I've posted their links on each of the photos to give the REAL credit where credit is due - Sorry Pinterest, you just COLLECT the Genius in one place!

I think I'm going to try some "Pinterest made easy" and see where the pitfalls are - because the ladies and men who come up with this stuff are artsy crafty, and I'm just crafty! You can check out some of what I've fallen in love with HERE. That's the link to my Halloween Pinterest board. Let me know if you've tried any of it. I'd love to hear the REAL results.

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