Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Nerd-O-Rama Diorama!

Just a few days ago I was whining about how the Monster figures made by Lego aren't sold separately, and yes, that beef is still deep in my heart, but I made a trip to my local (somewhat local) nerd toy store called Bobakahn and they have a WHOLE SHELF of individual Lego people, so I managed to pick up Wolfman and a Skeleton. They were priced kind of high - because they're Lego's, so I only grabbed two, for a total of $16. I have my eye on a few other ones there, but I want to space out the expense. The Ghost, and Mummy were there at $12 and $15 a piece. I don't blame them, the store has to make their money too, I just have a hard time shelling it out for such tiny toys.
I tried to take a few pictures of them on a black piece of construction paper, and my nerd husband says to me "why don't you build a diorama to take pictures of them" I used what I had around the house, my next goal is to build a more professional one that doesn't involve construction paper and crayons. But for now, that's what we have. It's nerdy, it's cool, I am happy with the photos. 
 Let's take a look at Wolfie first! He's got removable claws, and not much pose-ability, but he's one of my favorites of the entire collection, so I'm happy to have him in my home.

 I had to have him howling at the moon ... I mean after all, that's what Wolfmen do!
 Here's the skeleton that I picked up! I don't think he belongs in the "Monster" line.
 Lastly, a little homage to the walking dead pilot episode, the skeleton crawling without his legs!

 So, while I had the diorama set up, I couldn't resist getting out my Mini Mate figures to pose, they didn't get enough love on here, so I thought I'd revisit them.
 My Munster Mobile and Hermann! He's a little bigger than the rest of my Mini Mates, but I love him just the same, he's the perfect size for his car.
 The "guys" no collection is complete without a little Universal Monster love!
 Okay - here's the nerd in me... I LOVE THIS SHOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love his menacing look in his eye as he's crawling out of his sarcophagus!
 Then I developed a storyline... I am so glad you guys are still reading at this point (NERD).
 Frank and his bride out for a walk in the lovely cemetery when from out of NO where!
 An angry villager decides to ruin their fun!
 My Mini Mate Wolfie comes to the rescue!
 He chases that villager...

 The Frankenstein's embrace as they are safe from the villager!
And Drac just lurks in the shadows! 

I hope you guys enjoy - if you have any Diorama ideas for me - pass them along. I obviously would welcome any and all help on building one!

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