Tuesday, May 28, 2013

True Blood Tuesday

Inspired by the recent purchase in my life of the box set of Season 5 of True Blood, I bring you... True Blood Tuesdays where we will explore the people, places and things that make Bon Temps the creepiest place in Louisiana!

I instantly fell in love with True Blood, but I found myself this weekend trying to justify/sell it to one of my friends, and I started to realize how complex and exciting True Blood really is.

Here is a small snippit for those of you living under a rock, or for those of you who have not yet delved into the True Blood Universe.

True Blood takes place in a small town in Louisiana called Bon Temps. Vampires have recently "Come out of the coffin" letting the entire world know of their existence and are trying to be part of main stream society thanks to something called Tru Blood which is an artificial blood drink produced by the Japanese to help sustain Vampires so they do not need to feed on Humans. That's not to say they don't, just that they don't HAVE to rely on humans to sustain.

In this sleepy little town, there also happens to be several other "Supes" (People with Super human capabilities) though, they don't come out till a little later in the series.

We will dive into True Blood and it's characters slowly but surely, and in order of complete preference.

Stay Tuned...

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