Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Another SDCC Exclusive!!!

After my last post finding these guys I reminded my Husband that he had showed me them once before, he ended up ordering me a couple for our 6th Anniversary. What a guy!

What I didn't realize when I opened the package is that Reis hooked me up with a San Diego Comic Con limited edition  "Fanboy Stampede" Ghost! Each Ghost comes with a unique crumpled comic book - Mine is Action Comics #1! It's signed by Reis O'Brien and Numbered 10/20!  Thanks for the hook up! I am thrilled to hold one of these in my hand, so thrilled I almost dont' want to open him! Head on over to the OCODG store and purchase one of your own and help Reis raise some money for the SDCC!

This is the one that I sent my husband to the store for! "Died Laughin"!
He's adorable!  I love LOVE LOVE him! I can't wait to take him to work and put him on my desk. He even comes with a rubber chicken to make him laugh.

The OCODG site has an option to purchase a "Mystery Ghost" for $6! My husband ordered one of those too - and this is what I got! "Don't Lose your Head"
I love that the blood drips down, and that the cut is so clean!

These spooks are full of charm - but the best part is that the artist signs each one. In the case of my 2013 SDCC exclusive ghost, it's numbered! 

Each Ghost is made by hand, and is very unique!

 It looks like he takes the time to hand package them all as well...

I think I have a new collection... I will have to order more!
 They are really cute, but most importantly...

THEY GLOW IN THE DARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Need I say more?

With that... My house is officially haunted!

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