Tuesday, June 11, 2013

True Blood Tuesday | Alcide Herveaux

This Tuesday we're going to focus on my favorite Character  Alcide Herveaux played by Joe Manganiello.

I didn't know about this actor until he made his debut appearance on Season 3 of True Blood. Apparently, I hadn't been paying attention because he has a laundry list of shows and movies he's been a part of, and I've decided I was missing out! What a dish! Alcide is (as of Season 5) a Lone Werewolf, who had his trials with the Shreveport pack, hailing from a Jackson pack which was lead by his father. He joined the Shreveport pack at the behest of the love of his life Debbie Pelt. I'm not sure about you, but I was on my feet cheering when Alcide and Debbie broke things off, for whatever reason, I'd really like to see him with Sookie. He's just so darn handsome!


Werewolf like to run around with their shirts of, but I feel much LESS like a pedophile looking at Alcide shirtless than Jacob and his crew... case, and point. 

Despite his efforts, Alcide always circles back to help out Sookie whatever she may need, but I think that's the common theme in this show. Most handsome dudes circle back to help out Sookie. The Video above is a small bit of proof of that devotion. A little back story here, Eric Northman (Vampire extraordinaire) gets cursed by a local circle of Wiccans, which causes him to lose most of his memory. He ends up "going to ground" at Sookie's house, at which point he escapes, during the day. So, Sookie enlists Alcide to help her find Eric before he fries in the sun.

Alcide is one of my favorite characters, he is endlessly loyal, and always torn to do the right thing. He has such a lovable way about him, and his good looks are part of that. 

Thanks Alcide for joining the cast, and giving us some Tall, dark and handsome eye candy for the last 3 seasons.

Come on back Next Tuesday - for another installment of True Blood Tuesdays.

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