Tuesday, June 18, 2013

True Blood Tuesday | Eric Northman

Meet Eric Northman.
You will either LOVE him or HATE him. Me? I love him, but I haven’t always, oh and for all you guys who read my blog, I promise this will not turn into a “this guy is sooooo hot” type blog, I just had to get the two best True Blood Characters (in my humble opinion) out there first, and they happen to be really dishy. So hang in there with me, soon there will be enough nearly naked Anna Paquin to go around.
Eric is the Sheriff of Area Five in Louisiana and owns “Fangtasia” which is a vampire bar that is constantly under fire for its reputation of humans either vanishing or getting “fed on” while they’re there. Area five encompasses Shreveport and Bon Temps, so I guess you could say Eric is one of the top ranking vampires around those parts.

It took me a few seasons and a haircut to find my love for Eric.

Thank you to Alexander Skarsgard for being completely handsome with short hair!

It's hard to hate Eric the longer you watch the series - yes, he's manipulative, and tricky, and secretive. But he's also sometimes sweet, and like most characters in this TV series, has a sweet spot for Sookie. 

He is 100% vampire, after spending nearly 1,000 as one I guess you can say he's embraced what he is.

You never can quite tell what his underlying intention is, or if there is one, or if he's just doing things to humor himself, this character keeps you guessing, and I think that's what I find so intriguing about him.

For the first few seasons, I really thought he was a bad guy. I was always on Bill’s side in pretty much everything, but I have to say the more the season’s evolve, the more I cheer for Eric and the less I cheer for Bill, in fact, after finishing Season 5, I would say Bill is dead (haha, pun intended) to me.

Eric is sneaky, tricky, deceitful, and at the same time has some warmth in him.
What’s your opinion? Do you Love? Hate?

Or do you just want to jump in bed beside him?

Tune in next week for a FEMALE feature from True Blood!

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