Tuesday, July 30, 2013

True Blood Tuesday | Pam Swynford De Beaufort

 Meet Pam Swynford De Peaufort, better known to the rest of us as "Pam" and Eric's Progeny. Played by Kristin Bauer Van Straten, Pam brings us a much needed harsh truth to this out of control world.

She is probably one of my favorite True Blood characters to date because she is just so damn honest, and blunt.

Sugar coating is NOT her specialty which made her a pretty successful Brothel Owner back in the 1800's before she met Eric and became a Vampire.

She has recently become a maker herself, and you can't really tell if she likes it or hates it, but if there is one thing that Pam is, it's loyal to whatever she gets involved in. She sees it through.

Pam is a smart-ass, a bitch to the core some might say, but it's those true colors that make you like her.

As a co-owner/operator of Fangtasia, she keeps everyone in line, and keeps towing the line while Eric's out on "Vampire business", and she is fiercely loyal to Mr. Northman.

She hates Sookie, and well I actually kind of think she's jealous of Sookie, because she has a very large indifference to men, unless that man is Eric, and Eric has a thing for Sookie, so...needless to say, it causes some tension.


Thank you to the makers of True Blood for making Pam a larger part of our universe each season. We like her! Keep it coming!!

I'll leave you with just a short clip of all things I love about Pam... Funny Shit!

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