Tuesday, July 9, 2013

True Blood Tuesday | Sookie Stackhouse

So, let's pick up with some True Blood Tuesday! 
I promised some Anna Paquin on here for the guys... so here she is! 

Sookie is the premium female hero of True Blood. She is 100% likeable, and respectable. She's strong, smart, and still beautiful and has her moments of stupidity, but then again, don't we all? 

Sookie can hear the thoughts of other people. She always thought she was just gifted, but we find out she's a speicies all on her own, she falls in love with Bill the Vampire early in the series and experiences a lot of loss in her life because of him. She grows as a character through out the series, and develops in ways you cheer for her, and boo her all at the same time. I find myself wondering "What's Sookie up to" if they haven't shown her storyline for awhile. She is the backbone of the story, and seems to be intertwined in almost everyone's life in some way or another.

While I am admittedly a pretty big Sookie fan, I've got nothing compared to Snoop.

Where do you fall? Fan or foe? 

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