Tuesday, August 13, 2013

True Blood Tuesday | Jessica Hamby

 Meet (in my opinion) the hottest female Character of the True Blood Universe...

Jessica Hamby!

Jessica was a 17 year old girl who was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and ended up being made into a Vampire by Bill Compton as part of his punishment from the Vampire council. She was very much a teenager, and really lusted at all the freedom being a newly minted Vampire gave her. She loved going to Fangtasia and causing trouble! 

Bill wasn't a very good "dad" for her in the beginning, but he has since really helped her become a decent vampire, and taught her the ropes.
Now that Bill's Fallen off the deep end, Jessica has been fending for herself, and finds herself in the company of Pam and Tara quite frequently.

It's been fun to watch her grow into a smart(er) young vampire, and embrace the "Monster" that she is.

She's sassy, and cute, and completely sexy all at the same time.

At the base of Jessica's story, there's a love story, and I was it's biggest cheerleader until it's most recent turn. Human Jessica wasn't allowed to date, and her parents were really strict, so in her Vampire life, she found Hoyt and Hoyt is such a good boy. They were perfect for eachother. But Jessica's Vampire needs chased Hoyt right out the front door, and chased Jessica into the arms of Hoyt's best friend, Jason.

It's unclear where they are going with the Jason/Jessica storyline, but I'm hoping that the break up with Hoyt wasn't in vain, and that they find love.

Oh Jessica Hamby ... thanks for keeping things fresh and interesting!

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