Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Happy October!


At long last, welcome to October! The Month we all wait for year-round!

Thanks to all my readers for hanging with me year-round even when things here are quiet! 

Please hop over to http://www.countdowntohalloween.com/  to see a list of other spectacular Halloween Bloggers - you'll know they're part of the amazing "Countdown" by one of their amazing Cryptkeeper badges! 

I'm proud to be a part of this group who rock out the love for Halloween all year long, but especially in October.

My husband found this group for me, and I immediately joined up, us Halloween nerds need to band together!

For those of you who are new over here at Spooky-Scary, Welcome! I am all about cute Halloween-ness, and I'm happy to share!
This year, the Crypt keeper blog badges are close to my heart, I love the cereal monsters, and I'm thrilled to have one permanently melded to the right side of my blog. This year I chose Yummy Mummy because it's my favorite cereal of the five! And I'm Thrilled for his return this year!


  1. LOL, Halloween nerds - that's a good name for us!

  2. Always nice to see new Halloween faces on the Countdown. Here's to a great month ahead!

  3. *Cheers! Here's to good tricks and great treats!!!