Sunday, October 27, 2013

Noteflix = Rad Notebooks!

 I have several odd habits... one of which is buying an excessive amount of Notebooks because you know I'll "Use" them some day... and then they end up in a shelf, unused for an extreme amount of time.

These may fall under that category - but I must first share them with you!

After a purchase of my 2014 "Upcycled" 101 Dalmatians book/planner, I stumbled upon the world of notebooks and planners made out of books and movie covers. LOVE this idea, and here are a few that I found over on Etsy by "NoteFlix".

These are all a killer price (pun somewhat intended), so if you're in a need for a notebook - check out these $12 beauties.


  1. Beautiful! But I don't know if I could use it, I'd want to save it.

  2. Me too! Hence the number of notebooks I purchase but never use :)