Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Zombie Hunt!

I am a big fan of Haunted forests, houses and morgues this time of year. I mean, what better way to get yourself into the Halloween spirit than getting the crap scared out of you?! 

In search for a NEW haunt near me, I stumbled upon Stalker Farms.

Stalker Farms is in Snohomish County, and in addition to a dark corn maze, a "Field of Screams" and a scary clown exhibit "The Last Laugh" they offer a Zombie Hunt.
You heard me right, a Zombie HUNT, where you ride on the back of a pick up truck armed with paint ball guns. The gist of it is that you purchase a specific amount of ammunition, when you're out, you're out, and you better hope the people next to you conserved better than you did!

You can have the ride and regular amount of Ammo for $15.95 or Double the Ammo for $20.95.

In a Zombie apocalypse, I'd go with double, just to be safe!

They do warn you that their zombies are fierce, and fast!

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