Thursday, January 23, 2014

Lots of goodness on its way.... delayed.

Have you ever seen those signs "You are Here"... well, this is my "You are Here" picture... in the middle of boxes for what seems like months now.

In October (OF ALL MONTHS) my Husband and I were displaced from our home by a turd of a landlord who refused to pay HIS bills, and a bank. Needless to say we've been couch surfing at our friend's house for a couple months. Now, we're on the wait for our NEW landlords to get things all spruced up so we can get our crap out of storage.

But in the meantime, My clothes are in a box, my Halloween goodies are in a box, my DISHES AND SILVERWARE... are in a box.

I'm getting restless. But now that we're moving into a house I'm hopeful my Halloween projects will hit an all time high.

Thanks for hanging in there with me - I will be back.... Muahahahaha....

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