Monday, April 28, 2014

This year's BIG FIND AT COMICON | The Halloween Kid!

Be Still my heart....

With Emerald City ComiCon in the rear view mirror, I now have had time to read all my new stuff, and delve into a proper review for "The Halloween Kid" by Rhode Montijo.

First of all, let's take a minute to really appreciate the vintage Halloween theme of The Halloween Kid! The colors are a muted Orange and black, and all of the pages are done with the vintage theme. I am so in love.

Whenever I go to Comicon I always keep my eye out for things I like, Halloween is always in the back of my mind as I browse through Hundreds of Wonder Woman and Bat Girl items. I was walking with my husband aimlessly down an aisle, when I saw a t-shirt that said I Heart Halloween - and the heart was a pumpkin! I stopped, and rushed to the booth, as I was gushing over the t-shirt, my wonderful spouse gently pointed out to me that I was missing the star of the booth... The Halloween Kid!

He handed me the book to take a peak at, and I didn't get more than a few pages in when I said "I'll take it" and this, and this, and I kept piling on lots of great Halloween Kid items.

I'm happily adding this book to my collection of Signed Halloween books from Comicon.

I don't want to spoil too much, because you really REALLY want to read this one yourself, but it's about a Little boy who keeps his town safe from the haunts of Halloween! He gets trapped and his costumed friends come to save him!

Here's me with the Author/Artist/Mastermind Rhode Montijo. He was very excited about Halloween, and very happy that someone (me) was this enthusiastic about Halloween as well!

I happily dropped $50 at his booth, and then later swung by to spend $5 more... and I walked away with this amazing load of cool Halloween goodies! I officially joined "The I Love Me Some Halloween Club"!

Thanks for the wonderful book Rhode - we look forward to more!

Find The Halloween Kid on FACEBOOK or at Rhode Montijo's WEBSITE.

*All opinions offered in this post are 100% by me - Not paid or swayed to give it such a glowing review, it really is THAT good!*

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