Monday, May 19, 2014

Who ya gunna Call?

Funko POP Line!
 In addition to being totally in love with Halloween, I am also quite a toy collector. I blame it on my handsome husband who has anything from Marvel Universe, Star Wars and GI Joes. He showed me how to embrace my inner child, and taught me it is OK to like toys.

But, I find myself in a dilemma. I love the Ghostbusters, and while I'd love to collect ALL THE GHOSTBUSTERS I can't. I can't afford it nor do I have the room for it.

So... I'm faced with a choice. There are lots of great toy lines out there, but I'm wondering... Do I go with the New Funko POP? They're so cute, and you know my love of "Cute" Scary things.

Or do I go with Mini Mates? Lego? or the Originial Kenner toys? Each have their own pros and cons... but I just can't decide.

The FUNKO's are cute, but they have no posing abilities, and I have a little problem with the fact that only ONE person can fit into the Ecto, and that the Staypuft is the same size as the rest of them. But they are cute, and the Slimer kicks ass!
Mini Mates
 The Minimates trouble me a little because I don't love their faces. But their Ecto is pretty cool, and by the looks of it - They'd fit in there. But I don't love the StayPuft - who again, is about the same size.

 I like the Lego guys... The problems I have with them mostly is the price! I don't like any of the potential Slimer's I've seen so far, but it would be kind of fun to build the Ecto.

Lego Ecto1
Last, but not least - the vintage Kenner Toys...

Kenner Toys.

These are actually so far my favorite - the issue I have would be tracking them down for a decent price, but I think with my Husband and his super savy ebay skills, this may not be as big of a battle as I think. I love the Egon... and the Ecto... Be still my heart... and last, but not least - there are Several Stay Puft Options... many are larger than the figures.

No read on Slimer yet on this one... but I think I just need to keep diggin.

What are your guy's thoughts? What would you go with? What do you think are the pros and cons?
Am I over thinking this?

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