Monday, October 6, 2014

Duvall Designs

Let's kick off this week with a shout out to an awesome Instagram vendor Whitney Duvall. Whitney started Duvall Designs back in 2010. She was taught how to sew by her Great Grandma but has always loved crafting. 

I am a pretty frequent shopper at Duvall Designs and I mostly purchase over Instagram - You can follow her here. But, she can also be found at her cute little store on Etsy. Her prices are fair and her items are so unique and adorable!

She loves to sew and push her creativity to the brink. She loves doing custom orders, or requests. She does everything from jewlery, to bows, scarves, coasters and hair accessories. Oh and I just about forgot about her amazing notebooks and planners that she makes from vintage children's books!
She's incredible, and will try to craft anything once!

Her favorite movie is Hocus Pocus (ahem, because it's the best), and adores Tim Burton films. She could eat Pumpkin bread every day for the rest of her life... she is a Halloween enthusiast just like the rest of us! 

Whitney does Duvall Designs in her Free time, and works 40 hours a week. She would love to venture out on this as a full time job and she's working really hard to make that happen, it's not just a hobby for her, it's her dream. She's a geek at heart and loves to share that with others. Check out her Halloween goodies, but if you're a nerd yourself, you should check out the rest of her amazing crafts - she does some awesome stuff! 

Please PLEASE Support local and homemade crafters - they make awesome unique gifts, as well as unique costume pieces and every day Halloween flair!

Thanks for letting me share your stuff Whitney - you are so talented!

This is my most recent purchase from DD - I can't wait to wear that Pumpkin head band at the Pumpkin Patch this weekend!

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