Friday, October 10, 2014

Mad Monster Con

Sorry it took me awhile to get these photos up from Mad Monster Con, this week has been kind of crazy!

On Saturday the 4th, Mr. Spooky-Scary and I went to Bellevue to the Mad Monster Con, Seattle's first Monster con! We spoke briefly with the organizer and he was enthusiastic about having it in Seattle, though was a little disappointed there weren't more people there. The advertising wasn't as great as you'd need for something niche like this.

For someone like me who isn't great in social situations, it was nice to have a little breathing room, but it would have been nice to see more people there!

We arrived at 11:00am and were of the first few people to walk in the door, a few of the vendors weren't open yet, and a few of the celebrity guests weren't at their tables yet, we left, had a cup of coffee and came back - there were a lot more people there by about 12. 

There were over 13 vendors there selling everything from body paint to t-shirts. I snagged two tee Shirts myself, One from Paulbearer Press (Bride & Frank) and the other from Rock Rebel (all my Universal Guys!). I've also taken the liberty of putting Most of the Rock Rebel purses on my Christmas list, by the time I could commit to one, my budget was running low.

We took $120 with us, and left with $5, so it was a great haul! 

My husband is the brave soul who takes photos with the celebs so you'll see him below, but I was thrilled at how friendly they all were! The only one who really wasn't was Doyle from the Misfits, but I'm pretty sure he was just angry that we didn't buy his Hot Sauce! 

The highlight for Mr. Spooky-Scary was meeting Rowdy Roddy Piper. Known in the Horror world as the guy from "They Live" Roddy is most popular in our household from our childhood memories of watching him in WWF. Mr. Spooky has met two of his all time favorites in the past year or so, and Rowdy was one of his top 3 to meet! I'm not sure even the cast of Fright Night could top that for him!

The highlight of our time at the Con was meeting (most of) the cast members from the Original Fright Night. Each member really took the time to visit with us, thank us for loving their film and take photos with us. We probably stood and talked with William Ragsdale and Amanda Bearse for 15 minutes. We wrapped up our time at the con with a panel of all of them talking about their time on the film. We also got to meet Art Evans, Heidi Sorenson and Jonathan Stark who play the detective, prostitute and Goon respectively, but didn't spring for the fee for their photos.

It was such a great con! I hope they come back to Seattle next year!
Following the "L" Shape : Top: Chris Sarandon "Jerry", Next, William Ragsdale "Charly", Amanda Bearse "Amy" and Stephen Geoffreys "Evil Ed"
The Panel
My Rock Rebel Shirt.

Squatch DOES Exist!

Rock Rebel's Table

Doyle hocking his Hot Sauce.

Another T-Shirt Vendor.

Paulbearer Press
Our Greeter

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