Saturday, September 22, 2012

Halloween Haul!

 Meet Aquaman. You'll see him frequently as he's my partner in crime, loves to wear costumes, carve pumpkins and coincidentally STEAL my pumpkins right out of the grocery bag! He humors me nearly as much as my husband does.
 I had to take the little pumpkins away from him - he kept trying to chew off the stem!
 But he's so cute playing with it, I couldn't help but to let him play for awhile first and take a few pictures!

 Okay, onto the Haul. Today my husband and I went out shopping in our local area, and I picked up a few Halloween items, this isn't the FIRST time I've purchased because lord knows the minute they hit the shelves I'm on it, but today was exceptional. I found lots of goodies!
 The Pumpkin Decorating Kit & Black pumpkin are from Target, I plan on making it and posting it as a tutorial, it's very cute! The little pumpkins are from my local Safeway, and the buttons, felt, and headband are from Joann Fabric!
 And this is me, wearing my new spider headband (so scary)!
I love it when Halloween hits the shelves!

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