Sunday, September 9, 2012

Reading Material

 Every August I start looking in the magazine areas of local stores for my Halloween editions of the magazines! 

Each year they don't dissapoint for new ideas on how to turn food "spooky" and costume and decoration ideas!

This is what I've picked up so far...

The Best of Martha Stewart Halloween Handbook!
I found this at the airport in preparation for my last flight, but I'm sure you could pick it up in a book store somewhere.

It's a decent magazine, though I think some of the ideas are a little far fetched for a normal household. I guess if you were one of those people who clear out their daily decorations for Halloween this wouldn't really work for you.

This one is the first one I picked up this year, I am a little disappointed in the selections having bought several editions over the years, I feel like a lot of the recipes are repeats, I mean how many "pumpkin cake" recipes do you need?

This one is my absolute favorite! It always has fun ideas for parties, and pumpkin decor! 

I love it!

If you like to do some fun and different things for Halloween, pick it up! Well worth your $6!

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