Monday, October 22, 2012

Dear Dracula...

Having met both Joshua Williamson & Vinny Navarrete I can't sing these authors nor this book enough praises! Dear Dracula is a brilliant children's book about a little boy named Sam, and his LOVE for Dracula and CHEESE! 

The book is brilliant, you HAVE to pick it up as a Halloween night read for you, and heck the kids will love it too (hehehe). 

This weekend I discovered they have made this book into a cartoon which airs on Cartoon Network - It's not super similar to the book, but I think if you like the book you'll enjoy the cartoon as well. 

Whatever you do - don't miss this one!


  1. I have it set to record! Never read the book, but I might have to look for it now.

  2. So... I watched it last night - the book is 100 times better! But still kind of cute.

    You should buy it for your brand new Granddaughter... :) Congratulations BTW.

    1. Cool - And thank you!!! Great idea for a gift! Next Halloween!