Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pumpkin Hunting

I miss the days of growing up on a farm, walking out to your garden to pick your pumpkins that you've slaved over all year long. The pumpkins that you covered from the spring and fall frost, and tended to so they'd grow big and orange for the perfect jack-o-lantern! But Thanks to the booming pumpkin industry in the south valley of Renton, Kent & Auburn Washington, you can have a perfect pumpkin without all the hassle of the growing. All you really need to do is grab your wheelbarrow, camera and a few bucks to pick out your perfect pumpkin. Oh, and if you're going you should probably wear old shoes, I learned that the hard way.

In our neck of the woods the Carpinito Brothers are somewhat infamous for their produce and pumpkin patch! The photos don't show it, but it was CRAZY BUSY! We were one of probably 75-80 people looking for our pumpkins!
 We went with this beautiful family, my uncle Gene, aunt Christina & little cousin Demitra (Demi).
 It was Demitra's first pumpkin patch... she had so much fun!

 I feel like every little kid should go pick their own pumpkin, I let her walk wherever she wanted to go!

 That's my hubby picking out his pumpkin. We each carve one each year!

 Such a little pumpkin'!

 Here's our 49 pounds of pumpkin! We did so good!

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