Saturday, October 13, 2012

Movie Review | Hotel Transylvania

A couple weeks ago I posted about Hotel Transylvania and a few other movies that I was looking forward to seeing for this Halloween season! Yesterday my Husband took me out to see Hotel Transylvania at our local movie theater, and I was pretty impressed. Having read several reviews stating how AWFUL this movie was, I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't as bad as the reviews were saying.

True, it's not FOR EVERYONE, and if you HATE cheesy tie everything up in one beautiful package at the end kid type movies, you're going to hate it. But if you don't mind a little cutsey fart jokes here and there and some fluffy Halloween characters, you'll like this movie.

It's about a Dracula and his daughter Mavis who live in a large castle which is not visible to Humans - Because Humans are bad. They open it up as a Hotel to Monsters who can come and not worry about humans, they can just be themselves!  All their friends descend for Mavis' birthday, and alas a human shows up and chaos ensues. It's all wrapped up nicely when they find humans aren't as bad as they think.

I really liked the characters, and enjoyed the punny humor here and there.

I'd go see it again, probably not in theaters, but then again, I'm cheap. It's a buy for me once it comes out on DVD though, and it will not get NEARLY as much play as Hocus Pocus, but it will see some love around Halloween time!

Bottom line : If you're bored and want some Halloween Humor - Go see it!

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