Friday, October 12, 2012

Halloween Vegas Style!

"Dark" M&M's Via M&M World
 I was in Las Vegas this last weekend and I had my eye out for all things Halloween on the strip. I also snapped a few pictures of Fall, because it is my second love behind Halloween and they work hand in hand. Here's what I found!
The Halloween color mix(es)
A pumpkin out of M&M's - $8!

Dracula M&M

Coca-Cola Bottles... Wish they were 3 oz so I could bring one home!

Me in front of a "Haunted House" video game at New York New York.

Some Chocolate Witches - at Aria

White Chocolate Ghosts - Aria

Treats at Aria

White Chocolate Pumpkins at Aria

Chocolate Haunted House! Aria

Treats! Aria

Lobby Decor at Aria

Lobby Decor at Aria

Aria Shopping Center

Pumpkin Man at Aria Shopping Center

605 pound pumpkins at Aria

Gold Pumpkin man at Aria

Bellagio Gardens

Cornucopia at Bellagio

Pumpkins & Gourds at Bellagio

Pumpkin at Bellagio

Bellagio Gardens

Pumpkin made of Carnations - Bellagio

Fat Pumpkin at Bellagio

Gourd fountains at Bellagio

Gourd Fountains

Treats at Aria

Chocolate Pumpkins at Aria

Talking Tree at Bellagio

Me with a 1000 pound pumpkin at Bellagio!


  1. Who knew you could find such Fall/Halloween stuff like this in Vegas! Cool pics!

  2. I missed some too based on the fact that all hotels aren't wild about taking pictures of their stuff and not buying it :)