Friday, October 5, 2012

Our Tradition

Every year since we got our puppy Aquaman we have taken him to the pumpkin patch with us to pick out our pumpkin. We go to "Bo Collelo's" and Aquaman barks at Bo like crazy (and he's not much of a barker). But Bo loves him, and we love going there, so we've ended up with a similar picture each year.

I'm sad to report that Bo has sold his veggie stand / pumpkin patch / Christmas tree farm area to another entity, and we will not be going to Bo's this year.
 It makes me super duper sad, and I'm not really sure where we're going to end up pumpkin hunting this year, in fact, I'm kind of surprised We haven't gone yet, which is totally unheard of for me. I like my pumpkins to sit on my stoop for awhile first.
Our October weekends are totally booked, so who knows, maybe I'll end up buying one at a grocery store and totally be disappointed in myself! Let's hope not!

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  1. I think the kent valley has a few things... Don't give up! Just find a new place for all the years to come!