Sunday, October 7, 2012

Spider Pumpkin

I found this "Kit" at Target, and I was very excited to see how he'd turn out! 

The kit is supposed to be used on a real pumpkin, but I decided to buy a fake black pumpkin so I could keep the cutie year after year. You could do it either way, but I am really excited to have him around for at least a couple years.

Here's what you'll need
- Pumpkin (7-8 inches, real or fake)
- Black Paint
- Black Glitter
- Chenille Pipe Cleaners (6)
- Foam Eyes & Mouth
- A pen or pencil
- Your glue gun

You could pick up what you need from Target (via the kit) or individually from Joanne Fabric

First, Paint the pumpkin with the black paint.
Sprinkle on the glitter while the paint is wet. I put a piece of paper under my pumpkin to catch the glitter. It worked for the most part.
Glittery pumpkin!!! The picture below, you can kind of see a few spots where i left the glitter off, I didn't glitter where I was going to stick the eyes and mouth, because glitter and hot glue just don't play nice together.

Because I used a fake pumpkin and I'd like to keep this around for a few years, I used hot glue to make sure the eyes, mouth and legs stick better.
I decided to go for "Normal" not silly or spooky eyes.

I poked small holes with the pen where I wanted the legs to go. If you use a real pumpkin I'd suggest using a knife or a dowel, the pen barely worked, but I didn't want huge holes.
I put a dab of glue in each hole for the legs too, just to make sure I'm not constantly sticking the legs back in!

Here he is! All done! I love him! So cute!

Now he's hanging out in the hallway... scaring all my neighbors!

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  1. Love love love!!! I think the fact that he has 6 legs makes him cute and not scary :) what a fun idea- so looking forward to doing things like this with Neah. Happy holloweening!