Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Gifts | Bride of Frankenstein!

 Christmas morning my husband surprised me with this beauty! Bride is a Toys R Us exclusive that my husband picked up and thought I'd like. He was right! I really like the Mego Style toys and she totally fits that bill, though she is NOT a Mego.

 She came carded in a way that you didn't ruin the card when you opened her. So I kept it! I am really getting into this Universal Monster thing, I can't get enough of them - they make such cool toys and they have great story lines to boot!!
 Her Detail is wonderful! From the whole body wrap - Yes, she's wrapped from neck to toe - I lifted her dress and checked (no judgement). I love her make up, hair and red lines where her face is put together. The dress even has little buttons in the back. It's an amazing cross between the Barbie Dolls I played with as a kid, and action figures.
 Stay tuned for more reviews on MORE HALLOWEEN toys and books I got for Christmas! What a great double holiday for me! Hope you all have a wonderful New Year!

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