Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas Gifts | The Munsters Koach

 Another wonderful toy my husband picked up for me for Christmas was the MiniMate's Munster Koach. I had never seen this on the shelf but he did one day when we were in there together and he hid it away so he could come back and get it for me.

I love LOVE this toy. I was impressed it came with Herman, but it also came with a second head for Herman, one is serious one is of him smiling.
 I love the detail that was on the card I had to take a picture of it - ♥ little Eddie!
 On to the car - sorry for the hand in the photo, Only way I could get it to look right.
 Herman & The Koach!
 Herman looked so lonely in his car... I added all my Minimate Monsters to ride along with him - it fits EVERYONE!
 Frank and Wolfie in the back, then Bride, Mummy and Drac in the WAAY back!
The Gang's all here - Let's head to Mockingbird lane!

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