Saturday, January 12, 2013

Christmas Gifts | Craft Book!

 This was one of the first Christmas gifts I received on Christmas morning from my good friend Katherine. We are forever running in circles with each other often to craft stores, and she is one of the few people who truly appreciate my need to "glitter shit" from time to time. This is what she gave me for Christmas. 

 Generally speaking, I use these books as more of a guideline than a "how to" I think crafting is fun, but only if you put your own personal spin on it. I really like his ideas for a Chenille stem pumpkin though, so I'll have to follow the steps on that one!
 I generally approve of this guy and his opinions on crafting, he's a pro, after all. Occasionally you will find me watching Craft Wars, and that's what he's "famous" for, if you've heard of him. I am looking forward to trying out a few tips and tricks in his book!
Kat also included a kitchen towel, which is in my kitchen NOW and will be, all year.

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