Wednesday, January 9, 2013

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I don’t watch many scary movies, and the ones I do watch are old standby classics or completely cheesy 90’s movies.
As you all know Hocus Pocus is my favorite “Scary” movie, but maybe I should re-qualify that as my favorite “Halloween” movie, because not much about Hocus Pocus is scary.

Speaking of the cheesy 90’s movies…  I totally Love Scream 1, and even Scream 2, Scream 3 got a little farfetched for me, and thus makes me a little terrified to see the 4th one.

And let me go on the defense for myself here, I love Scream 1 because it was the first real scary movie that I saw that didn’t involve monsters that don’t exist. It was the first “Thriller” for me. I have to admit that the acting jobs by Drew Barrymore, David Arquette, Skeet Ulrich and others were a little well, cheesy, but I was impressed at how much of a twist that movie had, that I didn’t see coming. Maybe I was naive and others saw it coming, but I sure didn’t.

So, people out there in the blogosphere – Tell me, what’s your review for Scream 4? Is it worth my Netflix rental?

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