Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Scariest Thing EVER - In Life that is...

Sorry guys - I don't have much for Halloween today... or anything spooky... or scary.

Right now my life is ABSORBED. I am studying for an exam for work. Ever heard of the General Securities Representative Exam? Series 7. AKA: One Bitch of a test!

Stocks, Bonds, Accrued Interest, Taxation, Debt Securities, Options, Regulation, Margin, ... please stop me when I get to a word that is exciting for you. Think... 6 hour exam 260 questions. All related to FINANCE!

Listen, I went to school for Religion and found myself loving a job I landed in Seattle as a client information and licensing specialist, now this test is my future - weather or not I can move up and out of the starting front end job I began with. I feel like it's hanging over my head like a giant grand piano, just like in the cartoons. At any minute someone is going to cut that rope (i.e. I have to sit for the exam), and I'm either going to escape unscathed (pass) or get smashed into the ground... (fail) which I already have... twice.

UGH... I know you probably don't come here to hear my "problems" but I have to say It's enveloped my world so much that I can barley think straight without figuring out an options strategy in my head in the background of whatever it is I'm trying to think about. Sickening. I just wish I knew it well enough to feel confident about it. I will, I guess, eventually.

Thanks for letting me vent, I vow to come up with something good for next week. Even better? I'm headed to the Emerald City Comicon on the 1,2 & 3rd of March, and I'll have a whole lot of Geek going on right here for you, both "scary" and cool. Because I'm equal parts Halloween Fan and Nerd girl.

Thanks for listening... and If you're the praying type - throw one skyward for me, couldn't hurt.

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