Sunday, March 3, 2013

Ivan & Dawn's House!

If you read my last post about Ivan and his incredible talent, you must also know that he has one of the largest collections of horror films and prints of anyone I know. I rarely ask him for "good movies" because his tastes are more horror and mine trend more toward "cute Halloween" but he is definitely someone I admire for all of his amazing knowledge about the horror industry.

So, last time I was at his house, I had his wife (and my co-worker) Dawn take me around and show me some of his prints and stuff... I snapped a few pictures of the things that caught my eye. I could probably have taken 100 more, but here's the highlights.
His Bloodsucking Freaks poster - signed!

A piece of art that hangs in their hallway!

Put this under something I wish I would have taken home with me - it's a vintage yard decoration!

This is a picture of nurses doing their job... not exactly horror, but the giant saw freaks me out!


Another vintage poster - The Collector

A few of his horror action figures - sorry for the flash on the glass! He has a display cabinet full of them! I'm jealous!

Jack Nicholas from The Shining  painted on a record.

They LIVE!!!!!!!!

And lastly, Capn' Frank! I just about picked this up at a local toy store too, so I think it's funny he has it!

There will probably be another rendition of "Ivan and Dawn's House' somewhere along the line, he not only has a TON of posters, but he changes them out frequently, so I see something different every time we visit - I love that about their house! Thanks for letting me share your collection Ivan - You are awesome!

Stay tuned for next week when I start to display all the goodies I picked up at Emerald City Comicon this weekend - I can't wait to share, but I want to give them a valid review, so I not only have to get pictures of them, but I also need to read them!

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