Friday, March 8, 2013

I Love Lucy!

 I hit up the Emerald City Comic Con last weekend, and I am pleased to share with you some of the amazing things I found! I have to admit since I've started this blog, my brain always goes to "What can I pick up that people on my blog might care about". So, here's the first of a smattering of books and art that I got at the con, most of which are Halloween related or at least a little "Spooky". 

My First book is called "ABC's of Halloween as imagined by Lucy". Lucy is that bright grin on the cover (and I'm not talking about the orange one). The book is written by a Husband and Wife duo by the name of Mike and Deborah Collins.

Their tale begins with Lucy introducing herself and then, she announces that she is trying to decide what she is going to be for Halloween. Lucy decides the best way is to go through the alphabet and name and imagine things she can be that starts with that letter. Then, at the end of the book, she asks what your favorite was! 

I am a 29 year old who is a lover of children's books, and if they're Halloween children's books its a guarantee buy. I read myself Dear Dracula each Halloween Eve, and I need to add Lucy to my line up. She is adorable! 

 Lucy has quite the imagination, and her costumes get more and more creative, and they're incredibly detailed! My Husband and I found ourselves trying to guess what the next letter would be! The writing is beautifully rhymed and when you read it out loud it has a nice cadence. 

I would hands down recommend picking up Lucy's book, and sharing it with your loved ones (big and small) for some Halloween fun! Mike and Deborah make this a fun read!

Lucy also has a Facebook - you should "Friend" her, and share her with your friends! The web address is
 I met Mike at the con and he was very excited to be there to sell his book, He was a little bummed that his wife couldn't be there since she was home with their new little one. But according to their facebook page, they sold 25 books - I am so happy for you!  He was sharing a booth with another guy who was selling a Day of the Dead book, which I also purchased, you'll hear about Rosita y Conchita later. He was super friendly and even took the time to sign my book. Thanks Mike, I love it!
So, Lucy asked, and I have to say these were my favorites of the book - always go with the traditional monsters... they're SO cool!

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