Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Trick-Or-Treating Tale

Growing up I lived in a rural community, most houses were miles apart, and we'd go "Into Town" to go trick-or-treating which meant a population of about 150 houses. Half of which were actually home to hand out treats. My Mom was always really good about having us stop by our neighbor's houses and making sure they saw our costumes and gave us some treats even though they were MILES from our house.

One of our neighbor's Chuckie was an alcoholic, a complete drunk. In a town of 300 people, it's not easy to hide things like that. But since he was a neighbor of ours, so we headed over to his house, the last stop before we went home for the night.

The house was dark, but the porch light was on, which as you know is the Halloween Code for "Treats here". I was hesitant to walk up to his house, but my Mom was in the truck and told me it was fine. So I stepped up to his door and knocked.

I heard a rumble in side, but no one answered the door. I went back to the truck, and Mom said, "Go knock again - maybe he didn't hear you." So I  walked back up to his stoop and knocked. The door opened just a crack and then a light switched on and the door opened further, to see Chuckie standing there I his tighty whitey underware, drunker than a skunk. He said "What" and I said "Trick-or Treat" and he said "Fuck" and slammed the door in my face. I was stunned. Mom was just about dying of laughter in the truck. She could barley breathe.

A little defeated I walked back to the truck, when I hear the door open behind me, and I see a flash of orange above my head, and SLAM the pumpkin full of treats he must have had by the door landed in front of me, and then he Slammed the door again. Between her fits of laughter, Mom said "Grab the candy and get in the truck". I grabbed the treat bucket, and ended up with a TON of candy. It was a good haul.

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