Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Can't Look Away | The Lure of Horror Film

 The EMP Museum in Seattle brings in different exhibits all the time. This exhibit has been there since October of 2011 and I didn't really think to make it a priority to see because I am not a huge Horror FILM type girl. I like it, but to be truthful, the ones I LOVE make other people cringe! (Hotel Transylvania, Hocus Pocus, Silver Bullet, etc.). I was at the EMP because we had family in town and they wanted to see the other exhibits, so I wandered down to this one, I have to say I really enjoyed the collective awesome they put together for this exhibit! If you live in the area, and like spooky things, I have to say - go for it!
 It's beautifully curated and I think it poses a really intriguing question - What is it about horror films that keeps us glued to the TV?!
I think it is the quest of the unknown...
Where is the killer?
Who is he going to take out next?
What would cause someone to go so crazy and do this?
Do demons like this really exsist?

The decorations in the exhibit were really something - all of the light fixtures on the ceiling were made out of Hannibal Lector's mask.
And the wooded dividers between all the TV monitors that were playing various horror flicks, and documentaries exploring the "Lure" resembled a walk through a spooky forest!

I would love to have an entertainment room to look like that some day!

On to some of the exhibits...
The switch board that brought "Bride of Frankenstein" to Life! *Swoon* Holy grail... right there!
Shaun's classic white shirt and red tie from "Shaun of the Dead".
A Zombie outfit from Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video.
The Wall of Wisdom (as I like to Call it) 100 Horror Movies you need to see before you Die. A few of them I totally agree with - some I don't see it, but I think that's probably because again, my taste doesn't exactly fit with this - I mean Hocus Pocus isn't on here, Lame.
But really, they are classics... Love it!

I didn't have a lot of time to explore the exhibit otherwise I may have made a list and seen if I could check one off at a time. That being said - Netflix has an awesome selection on Streaming right now - I just watched Scream 4 - Review to come!
The next wall of the exhibit showed different "types" of scary people in movies, and what their characteristics may be. I took a photo of each of my favorites... But I think there were 25 total (or so).

Which ones would be your favorites?
Not the original... from the 2009 film. However, still pretty cool.

And who can forget the "Critters" Movies... He was so small!
And the Alien from Alien - It's about 6'7" and slender - Obvious a human was wearing it - not electronic.
My Husband and I then hit the Scream booth. I was kind of shocked at HOW sound proof it was. The basic gist was to scream while the camera inside took 4 photos of you. What turned out is your scream for the first two shots and then your resting face for the last two, the photos don't click super fast - It's kind of funny.
The door to the both...
This is my Mr. Spooky Scary... Isn't he handsome! He was my "Model" for the Scream Booth. First you sit in the seat... and then let the machine "Scan" your hand.

Then it tells you to either do a scared scream or a psychotic scream (as if you're the killer). We both were prompted to do the "Psychotic scream".
Then they show you some scary photos... you know, for "Inspiration" and then they line up your face... and you Scream...

That's Mr. Spooky's shot... Pretty good... NO?
This is mine... which I was obviously laughing through... wish I would have done it a second time - I could do better.

The last exhibit we explored is the wall where they turn you into a Monster. You step in front of it and it gives you different appendages. Kind of funny. We played here for a LONG time.

We're goofy like that!

So the question still begs... If horror film scares us... why do we like  LOVE it ?!?!

Their hypothesis is that it's a Test of Courage, the struggle of Good Vs: Evil, the Heightened Emotion, the exploration of Taboo Subjects and the Nightmares and Dreams... What is yours? 

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