Monday, April 15, 2013

Old School Costumes | Hitting the Archives

I hit my old box of photos last week and plucked out a few goodies from Halloweens of the past. I will post them here and there to share with you the pure awesome that is homemade costumes. I know that there are a couple years I just don't have photos of, costumes I remember but I must have been "too cool" to let my Mom take pictures of me - or we were out of film. (remember film?)

This is my earliest Halloween Photo. I'm not quite sure what I was dressed up as, but like the good South Dakota girl I am, a warm puffy coat is part of my costume.

My brother is rocking the biker due costume, and how about those awesome candy buckets!!

We lived about 30 miles out of town, and we were kind of poor farmers, so I'm pretty sure us making our Halloween costumes was a necessity of life. I really appreciate them now, and I really think that I probably could have had a better imagination than being a witch 4 years in a row. But for whatever reason I was REALLY excited about being a witch!

Stay tuned for more Old School Costumes!

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