Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sketch Monsters - The New Kid (#2)

This year at Comicon I picked up the second book in the Sketch Monsters line. The books are written by Josh Williamson, and Illustrated by Vinny Navarrete. They are the duo that also wrote Sketch Monsters 1 (pictured above, the lime green) and one of my favorite Halloween books, Dear Dracula.

I bought Dear Dracula at my local comic book store based on the cover alone, but then when I accidentally ran into Vinny and Josh at Comicon, and got to know how awesome they are, I have kept my eye out for them ever since.

Due to various circumstances I had only had my Drac book drawn in by Vinny, now after this Con I'm proud to say that I have BOTH Sketch Monsters Signed / Drawn in by BOTH Vinny & Josh, AND Josh Finally signed my copy of Drac. I was thrilled.

The Sketch Monster series is interesting because it's about kids who sketch to get their feelings out, and then their monsters come alive and cause trouble! The bottom line of the story is to show your emotions, and be who you really are, or things can get ugly.I think both of them are great books! I would recommend them to anyone. If you like monsters, then this book is really for you - each one is creatively sketched out, and well thought out.

But mostly, Vinny and Josh are good guys who are thrilled to be making a living doing what they're doing. Pick up one of their books and fall in love. You'd be supporting some pretty cool guys.

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