Sunday, May 19, 2013

Awesome App | Halloween Word Search

My iPhone is my most favorite Toy.
Recently, I've been downloading Halloween Apps and Games to keep the Halloween spirit alive year round.
This week I stumbled upon this App. It's "Halloween Word Search".
The app isn't super spectacular, or special, but it's kind of fun!
It's a word search, for Halloween words.

Each Puzzle has a spooky background, and when you find the word, it highlights it in Pumpkins or Stars.


Then, you let up, and it circles it just like you would on a regular word search. 
The puzzles are pretty easy, so if you're super good at these things, this might be a little boring for you. Only a few of them have stumped me, and I'm not very good. 
It's a nice time kill, and kind of fun in the Halloween spirit - and, it's FREE! 

This one will stay on my phone for awhile. I enjoy it!

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