Monday, May 13, 2013

NECA's SDCC Exclusive is AWESOME!!!

San Diego Comic Con announced one of their exclusives and I really, REALLY wish I was headed to the Con to get my hands on this one...
Ladys and Gents I present... The NECA figure of NES Jason!

Do you remember this game? Did anyone play it?

I remember it being really scary (I was 8. What do 8 year olds know?). When the "alarm" would go off saying Jason's ready to strike, I would be halfway across the camp and the anxiety I felt was intense. I also remember the music being super creepy.

Though, after watching the review by Aqualung on YouTube (PLAY above), I quickly remembered how impossible this game was, and actually, how terrible the game design is. It's the same thing, over and over, and the premise is basically to keep your campers alive, light fires in cabins, take on Jason's floating head of a Mom, and eventually "Kill" Jason. Pretty anticlimactic at that. Each fight scene is exactly the same!

Most games that are adapted from a movie storyline are pretty bad, and I'm always suckered into them because I stand in the store and think to myself,

"I LOVE the movie - therefore this game must rock!"
Um... Wrong. So Very Very Wrong.

Watch Aqualung's review to get the whole experience.
Watching the review is worth the 15minute refresher for nostalgia if nothing else.

Oh How I love 8 Bit games!

But, horrible game OR NOT - the figure is kind of awesome! It makes me want to play the game, and even worse, makes me want the game to be that much better!

I really would love to get my hands on this figure for my collection!

This figure makes me giggle. I kind of forgot that Jason was purple in the game, until I saw the figure. My husband showed it to me and asked if I even knew what it was from... and initially I didn't, but once he pointed out that it was his likeness from the NES game my lust for the figure began! 

So my San Diego Comic Con goers... If you're willing to hook a girl up let me know, otherwise I'll be trolling the Ebay pools when SDCC is over!

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