Thursday, July 18, 2013

"Elegant" Halloween Ideas

This year for Halloween, I'll be at a work function. I work for a broker-dealer in downtown Seattle, and we have once a year huge event, which entails a reception / cocktail party on Thursday and a conference on Friday. For whatever reason the universe rallied against me and is making me wear a fancy dress, and shake hands with a bunch of business men as opposed to handing out candy to trick-or-treaters and watching spooky movies. 

The perks of this is that my Boss has given me free reign to decorate the event in an "Elegant" Halloween fashion. She doesn't want any skeletons, bugs, or ghosts, or really anything that would bring offense to the most easily offend-able people. So in short, I've been scouring Pinterest for ideas on Halloween "Elegance" and I've stumbled upon a few things I really like!

I have an entire ball room that will seat about 300 people, I can't hang anything from the ceiling (20 ft ceilings) and I only have about 2 hours to set up and get things ready to roll. I have from now until October 31st to create whatever I want though, and help by the hotel staff to set the centerpieces, but an easy set up is still pretty critical.

My brain is headed tword fake pumpkins as opposed to real for strictly the weight factor - I have to schlep all of this stuff around, and hurricane glasses because I'll have several tables to set - 10 ten tops, and 6-8 bistro style (smaller) tables.

Here are a few of the ideas, that I'm thinking of going with - I'd love feed back, I have a hard time balancing what I like vs: what would qualify as elegant.

 I'm thinking about these Lace pumpkins as an entrance piece, mixed with a few of the orange ones, that have been converted to look more realistic with some ribbon or tuelle around the stem.

Or, maybe a few of these on the registration table?

 I love the burlap look, and I believe that's stamped or stenciled - the banner could hang across the doorway and say Happy Halloween! I think using black and white with orange dots, could also look pretty cool if we're going for elegance.

Both of these hurricane glass looks appeal to me. I think the idea of using the corn, really bring the "harvest" look. I am thinking of doing a mixture, because if I do the popcorn ones I can use them the next day at our conference for the breakfast and lunch tables.

I will keep scouring Pinterest, but here's the start of what will be a very long process :)

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