Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Monsters by Joe!

I received my commissioned art from a fellow Halloween Blogger Caffeinated Joe in the mail today, and I couldn't WAIT to post pictures, because, well they're amazing!
Joe can do them for you too - $10 per character as pictured below. $5 per character with no background color, and a few bucks for shipping ($5 or so).

I really battled with what to have Joe make... Universal Monsters? The Cereal Monsters? The Slasher killers? I mean... Really, so many options! My heart won out and I asked him to make me the Universal Monsters (duh).

Bride of Frank!
I can't wait to get them Framed - but for now, here they are on my desk at work!
A million thanks to Joe! 
He's a talented Dude! Aren't they incredible?!


  1. They look great photographed by you! So glad you are happy with them! Enjoyed making them.

    Anyone wants them, or other characters, they can drop me a note at

    October is less than three months away! I can't wait!

  2. Glad to have 'em!
    I am thinking Cereal Monsters will be my next investment :)