Tuesday, July 16, 2013

True Blood Tuesday | Lafayette Reynolds

Our Character this week is probably one of my top 10 characters in any universe - Lafayette Reynolds is one of THE reasons I watch True Blood! Played by Nelsan Ellis he brings a certain "Flair" to Bon Temps.

"Is you feelin' me?"

Lafayette has been with us since the beginning, and his character has changed!

He started out as the local stereotypical gay man, and in the south, this isn't well received, but he doesn't really give a damn, and carries on the way he wants to, in all of his fabulous-ness.

In season 1 (end) and season 2 he gets caught selling "V" which is vampire blood that gets humans high with just a drop. Eric Northman locks him in his dungeon at Fangtasia, and you see Lafayette change for the better part of season two, you cheer for him to rally and get back to his normal wonderful self, but he has some serious PTSD from being locked up and tortured by Eric Northman - see why I say you can both love and hate Eric?

He falls in love with Jesus -(more on that to come in the Jesus post) and slowly comes back to the Lafayette we know and love. Season 5 he becomes one of the major players in Sookie's plea to bring Tara back to the real world, and he keeps us all in good humor, and all those rednecks in line. He too can conjure the dead, and cast spells like a wiccan - Thank you Lafayette for being our favorite comic relief, and one hell of a Medium!

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