Tuesday, July 23, 2013

True Blood Tuesday | Sam Merlott

Let me give you a bit of forewarning - This post has a little PG-13 nudity in it.

But, who can tell the story of Sam Merlott without a little bit of nudity?

Sam Merlott is played by Sam  Trammell who has had a few acting spots here and there, but vastly not of stuff I watch, so I had never really seen him until True Blood.

He's a handsome dude who has a deep secret and a dark past, he's a shifter, which means he can shift into any animal he has seen before. Mostly though, he shifts into being a Dog, which has helped him out of a pinch or two in his life in Bon Temps.

Sam owns Merlott's Bar & Grill which seems to be the only open, and operable restaurant in Bon Temps. Everyone Goes to Merlotts, Lafayette is the cook, Sookie is a waitress, Tara the Bartender, and Jason and Hoyt are the regulars. A lot of problems seem to circle the infamous bar, and often you find yourself back at Merlotts to pick up where you left off.


In Season One, Sam was just finding his talents, and trying to hide them from almost anyone, and like most people in the True Blood Universe - he has a thing for Sookie.

In Season Two we see Sam be the only one to keep his cool whilst a Maenad turns the town into an orgy loving group of people and she wants Sam to be the sacrifice. 
Sam ends up ending the Maenad and gladly forgets all the Orgy scenes he sees through out the season.

But you may find Sam more recognizable in the photo above - naked... that's how he is right after he shifts, and since HBO is gratuitous with nudity - we get to see a lot of Sam Merlott Butt.

Sam finds himself love with another shifter Luna and that brings a whole other list of problems his way with the pack of Werewolves in the area. But we're glad he's finally over Sookie!

I'll leave you with this little Gem which will lead to Next Week's Installment of True Blood Tuesday featuring my favorite dummy Jason Stackhouse... This is after he learns Sam is a Shifter... He has lots of questions... hehehe

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