Friday, September 20, 2013

Fall / Halloween M&M's!!

I often buy a couple bags of Halloween and Fall M&M's so that I get to eat Halloween colors year around! I am thrilled that instead of just the black and orange, they now have an array of fall colors in every bag!

Peanut is my favorite  ♥ !!

Let's delve into these "New flavors" that Mars / M&M's have given us this year...
First, I picked up a small bag of the White Chocolate "Candy Corn" flavor. Let me be clear, it tastes NOTHING like Candy corn, and White Chocolate M&M's are just WRONG. I ate about three of these, and then threw them back in the bag and returned my 9oz bag I purchased. Blech!

Optimistic with the flavor "Pumpkin Spice" I picked up a 9oz bag of the Pumpkin Spice!

I ate about 10 of these before I decided that they don't taste like chocolate, they don't taste like pumpkin spice, they just taste... off. I'm not really sure how else to explain it. I don't hate them, I just don't particularly like them. So, I guess I'll just stick with Peanut!

What's your favorite flavor?


  1. Got the Candy Corn and Pumpkin Spice versions, too. The Candy Corn ones are good, the taste reminds me of the Cadbury Mini Eggs that come out at Easter time, with the hard shells?

    The Pumpkin Spice ones don't taste like pumpkin, you are right. They are eh... Would rather have regular M&Ms than them.

  2. I did the same M&M test. Hubby went nuts over the Candy Corn ones. I heard that the pumpkin spice ones are better cold, so my 1/2 bag is currently sitting in the fridge. And of course I had to get the fall colored plain ones! Can't go wrong with those!

    The marketing people are brilliant with their bag designs - they're so cute!